Live  +  Jesus

                                                                                St. Jane de Chantal

Immersed in our life of prayer, our hearts are moved to share the warmth of the Son of God and the fruits of His Spirit with others. Our motto is “Live Jesus” ! Live Jesus in our thoughts, words, and actions ! Our Holy Founders desired us to live the little virtues that “grow at the foot of the cross” ….. humility, meekness, gentleness, kindness, joy, peace and loving charity. Our Saint Jane de Chantal Gallery Ministry has been started to share the fruits of our life of prayer in a Vocational Ministry, to make known to young women a mysterious and hidden way of life that draws the soul into a desire for an intimate union with God overflowing into a joyous, loving service of spreading this love to others.

Blessed Mother and the Child JesusThis vocational ministry will unfold according to God’s plan, as the words of Saint Paul continually remind us, “I did the planting, Apollos did the watering, but God made things grow.” We pray each day to Our Lady, asking her to make a secret visitation to the hearts of young women and draw them to her Son. A religious vocation is “falling in love with God”, no one can tell you how it happens, it just happens ! God has touched you !

Our vocational ministry  reaches out in various ways to walk with young women whose hearts have been touched by God in this way. Women are invited to pray with us, share their story, and experience our monastic way of life. Seeds will be planted, watered and nurtured until they are ready to bloom, as the sun warms the soil, the Son of God will warm their hearts and bring these seeds of desire to the full blossoming of a flower.

Sister Anne Francis and Georgetown Visitation StudentsSince ours is a life of Prayer and Ministry, we find in the spirit of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, vast opportunities in our schools to celebrate and share our Visitation Charism of humility before God and gentleness toward our neighbor with the students entrusted to our care.  Our prayer life overflows into this ministry as we invite our students, our teachers and staff members , as well as the parents of our students, to embrace the Salesian way of living the Christian life : to live in the spirit of the little virtues so encouraged by St. Francis de Sales.

Our twofold vocation remains always focused on our life of prayer and the joy which we experience as we share God’s love with young women and witness their response. Women who feel called to gift themselves in this way would be encouraged to do so in our Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School.

If you need help discerning, pray this novena to St. Jane in our new, free e book:

 Discerning With Saint Jane: Finding Your Place in God’s Will with the Foundress of the Visitandine Order – A Novena of Reflections. The book is a nine-day novena of reflections from the words of our Foundress, Saint Jane de Chantal. The wisdom she gained from forming a religious order is made available to you to help you in your discernment process. The book is simple and short enough to become incorporated into your spiritual life. We are confident it will help you look at the discernment process in a new way and find peace in discovering God’s purpose for your life. May God guide you on your journey

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