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                                              St. Jane de Chantal

On June 6, 2013, our Second Federation of Monasteries in America answered an invitation inspired by the Holy Spirit to follow in the footsteps of our Founders and begin a new ministry for young women to experience our monastic way of life as handed down to us in the spirit of our charism. This community, named the “Saint Jane de Chantal Gallery Ministry” is being hosted by our first founding Monastery in America, Georgetown Visitation Monastery, Washington, D.C. The sisters of the Gallery Ministry have their separate dwelling area and community life, however, they also have opportunities to express sisterly charity in a cordial, loving way to their sisters of our Monastery of Georgetown, as well as share in their liturgies, life of prayer and ministry.

A Sign of SpringThe Gallery Ministry invites women to pray, share and experience monastic life as an intimate call to love, serve and adore God in a spirit of joy and simplicity. A vocation is a mystery, a seed planted in our hearts, whether the seed is just beginning to sprout or is blooming into a flower, the Gallery Ministry will nurture the seed and water the flower to come to full bloom for the glory of God and for the good of His Church.

There are moments in our lives when we feel the need to retreat from the daily events of our days, whether it is a weekend in the country or simply taking time for a nature walk. Our Gallery Ministry is offering you “a place of delight” to enter into the garden of your heart, to retreat into the presence of God, to let yourself be touched by the sacredness of prayer and a listening silence …… a silence that lets you hear the whispers of the voice of God in your heart. You can come alone or you can come with friends, the days, the time, are your choice! We are simply here for you, waiting in hope to share with you the great mystery of God’s love.

Our Founders and the first Visitation SistersAs a monastic, contemplative community the sisters of the Gallery Ministry will be faithful to their lives of prayer, their Constitutions and the Spiritual Directory placed in the hands of their Holy Mother, Saint Jane de Chantal, by Saint Francis de Sales on June 6, 1610, Trinity Sunday, the foundation day of our Order.

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