Join our “Tender Shoot” Replanting!

Georgetown Visitation Replants the “Tender Shoot” That Fell to the Ground


Profound humility toward God. Gentleness toward neighbor. This is the charism of the Visitation Order. Wouldn’t you say these qualities are needed today? … Will you join us in the replanting of our “tender shoot”?

A Dream that Took an Unexpected Turn


Three years ago a Sister who had just transferred to our Georgetown monastery dreamed of starting a new growth in the community. She was Sr. Marie de Chantal.


But the dream took a different turn. Sr. Marie passed away to her heavenly reward last June.


Sr. Anne Francis, Sr. Jacqueline, and Postulant Sylvia reflect on new plans for the “replanting” of the Georgetown Visitation.

As Mother Mary Berchmans, superior of the Georgetown Visitation recalled at the funeral,

“Let us remember that Sister Marie de Chantal joined our community two years ago to offer herself for the beginning of the Gallery Community. She is the tender shoot God tore off from the top of the branches of her community in Brooklyn and planted her here in our community. She gave herself to this project, confident that it would put forth branches and bear fruit in new vocations to the Visitation Order in the United States …. She prayed that women from all over will come to dwell on the branches of this tree and bring new life to our community and the Visitation.


“Sister Marie de Chantal is the lowly tree, a gentle, simple religious who sought God’s Will in her life and did not stand on pretenses….


“Now from her heavenly perch, we are confident that Sister Marie de Chantal will work wonders for her family, for her two communities and for all the people whose lives she touched.”


And yet, as Mother said in so many words, it is a dream that has not ended. We are carrying out – with God’s help – Sister’s vision. Right now our beginnings are small – there is myself (Sr. Anne Francis) and our postulant, Sylvia, who joined us in October. We have received inquiries from elsewhere as well. God sends whom He will.


Will you join our humble beginnings?


If you have taken part in the Visitation Order’s chat room Sunday night, you know that our Order has a unique charism of gentleness and humility, and is open to older women.


We will be holding a Discernment Retreat at our Georgetown Visitation Monastery in Washington, DC April 28 – May 1. If you are between the ages of 25 and 40, please consider coming to it.


I hope to hear from you!



Sr. Anne Francis   Georgetown Visitation

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  1. nyota says:

    Jambo sr. Anne Frances! I admire your courage and selfgiving. I heard of you in Nairobi. I pray for you in this new beginning of a “life”. I hope to meet you some day, meanwhile we rest united in the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary. God bless you in all. Praised Be God now and forever!

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