Offer to God a Sacrifice of Praise

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Once again we enter into the Holy Season of Lent. Our hearts are filled with desires and thoughts to unite with Our Lord in His sacrificial offering and redemptive plan of love. We desire to embrace this time of renewal, this time of grace as a time to look more deeply into our hearts and ask ourselves : how can I better gift myself to God and to others ? The letters that spell out the word LENT can be a call to do just that !

L     LOVE …… Lent is a time of conscientious acts of love. Putting fervent love into all our actions and sacrifices is what makes them a “sacrifice of praise”. Praise God in a good thought colored with love, a kind word expressed in love, a generous deed done in love. Saint Francis de Sales tells us that “Lent is the autumn of the spiritual life when we pick the fruit and gather it for a whole year”. May our acts of sacrifice be acts of love and praise to God as we pick their good fruit and store it in our hearts to be shared and gifted to others.

E     ENKINDLE …… Lent is a time to enkindle that spark of fervor and devotion within us. At times the giving of ourselves can lose its zest as the flame starts to dwindle. Lent calls us to ignite the flame once again as we strive to be more earnest and faithful about what we do and who we are for God and for others in our response to the daily challenges of life.

    NEWNESS …… Lent is a time of renewal as we move from “Winter into Spring”. Nature moves us into newness of life as it gives birth in the season of Spring. It gives us many opportunities to bear the fruit we are gathering in our sacrifices and earnest acts of love . These words of counsel from Saint Francis de Sales should echo in our hearts , ” Live joyfully and generously, for that is how God wants you to be”.

T     TOGETHERNESS ……. Lent is a time of togetherness . God is not asking us to walk through the season of Lent alone but, rather, to walk through it with each other. We are invited to pray together, sacrifice together, help each other together in a spirit of encouragement and forgiveness. During this time of inner renewal we come to see more and more the image of God in ourselves and in others whom we should love, reverence and respect in praise of God.

“Hold your hearts full of love, but a gentle, peaceful, calm love. Look at your faults and those of others with compassion and humility.”  St. Francis de Sales


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2 Responses to Offer to God a Sacrifice of Praise

  1. Sr. Suzanne Homeyer says:

    What a lovely Lenten posting. Blessings and love to both of you! Sr.Suzanne

  2. Kathleen papariello says:

    Since today is just the start of lent, it is wonderful to have this inspiration to help us do a better job.

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