Every Moment Is Sacred

Live + Jesus!

As we enter into this New Year, we receive a gift …… a gift to begin anew! Pope Francis invites us to “look on the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion, and to embrace the future with hope. In a similar way, Saint Francis de Sales tells us to “leave the past to God’s mercy, the future to His providence and to give the present to His love”.

A new year calls us to ask ourselves how can we use this gift to begin anew ? What can we do with this gift? Is there something special we are to do with this gift?

When Mary consented to be the Mother of God, she knew in her heart she was to do something special, she was chosen to give birth to Jesus, the savior of the world. She opened her arms graciously and generously to receive her gift with trust and faith. Sacred Moment

A new year has gifted us with a gift of time, to receive each moment as sacred. Saint Augustine counsels us that no matter how much time we have, we are to use it well. God came into our lives to offer us the fullness of life, the fullness of time. He gathers the past, present and future into the heart of His love. Every hour of every day is a gift from Him, every moment is sacred. May we embrace each moment of our day as sacred as we open our hearts to the overflowing of God’s grace in every opportunity to give Christ to others and to receive from others the gift of His love.

A Blessed New Year to each of you, let us remain united in heart and prayer!!!

” Run cheerfully and lovingly in the way of God’s good pleasure”.  St. Jane de Chantal


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2 Responses to Every Moment Is Sacred

  1. Marianna Burns says:

    Beautiful way to start the New Year!

  2. Sr. Suzanne Homeyer says:

    Dear Sisters,
    God is always letting us begin again….this is indeed presence/present/gift to us from a loving Father.

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