Advent – An Invitation of Time

Live + Jesus!

It is hard to believe that another year in the Church has come to an end and a new year of grace is beginning. As we look back we can only give thanks to God for the many blessings and challenges that have opened our hearts and minds to the gift of grace and a nearness of God’s presence in our lives.

“We do not know the day or the hour“, these words from the Gospel of Mark on this first Sunday of Advent can refer to many things, not only the second coming of our Lord at the end of time or His coming at the end of our lives. “We do not know the day or the hour” that God may ask a particular sacrifice of us, the sacrifice of our health, of a loved one or a treasured experience. However, we do know that within this sacrifice is the presence of God uniting us to himself.

Advent is an invitation of time to deepen our relationship with God in intimacy, love, trust and hope. Jesus is continuously coming into our lives in prayer, in the inner movements of our hearts and in the momentary encounters with each other. Advent is a call to “put on the mind and heart of Jesus” as we put into action the virtues of love, kindness, meekness,

Advent - An Invitation of Time

Advent – An Invitation of Time

forgiveness and compassion. Our daily lives are filled with opportunities in which we can be open to God’s love and witness that love in our caring and gentle relationships with each other.

Let us joyfully enter into these four weeks of Advent with renewed attentiveness to the many grace filled opportunities in our lives that will make us one in love with Jesus who came to earth to be one with us. These four weeks will not only prepare us for the celebration of His birth but will also renew us to “Live Jesus” in our lives throughout this new year of grace.

“Truly it is a blessed thing to love on earth as we hope to love in Heaven.”

St . Francis de Sales

God Be Praised !

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2 Responses to Advent – An Invitation of Time

  1. Father Lewis Fiorelli, OSFS says:

    A blessed Advent to you as well!
    I keep praying for the success, God-willing, of the Gallery Community!

  2. Sr. Suzanne Homeyer says:

    Dear Sr. Marie de Chantal, I loved this special Advent post. blessing on you and Sr. Anne Francis as you continue to form community and welcome others in. Sr. Suzanne

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