Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Live + Jesus!

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was born in France on July 22, 1647. Little did her parents know that she would be chosen by God to make known to the world His great love for us flowing from the Heart of His Son. At 24 years of age she entered the Visitation Monastery of Paray-le-Monial. She knew deep in her heart that Jesus was intimately inviting her to a union of hearts with His in this Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary. Through the revelations made to Saint Margaret Mary, Our Lord has entrusted His Sacred Heart to our Order in a special way. As “Daughters of His Sacred Heart”, our riches are the virtues of His gentleness, humility and simplicity that flow from His Heart into ours.

Jessa and Lori on a Discernment Retreat

Jessa and Lori on a Discernment Retreat

Margaret Mary had a great desire for prayer, especially before the Blessed Sacrament. She would go before the Lord as a blank canvas,   asking Him to depict whatever He wished to create in her life. She would ask Him to imprint in her heart His virtues, so she could “Live Jesus” in all that she said and did. She took to heart the words of Jesus, “Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart” and tried to live  these little virtues faithfully with great love.

On December 27, 1673, Margaret Mary received her first apparition. At this time her mission to reveal the love of Jesus to the world was made known to her. Jesus appeared to her and said, “I cannot hide the flames of my burning love for all people and for you, through you I must share my love and make it known.” We know that through great faith and suffering, Margaret Mary fulfilled this mission and today her mission is still being carried out by many who receive an abundance of graces flowing from the Heart of Jesus.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was given an extraordinary mission, but, perhaps, we can ask ourselves, how can we in ordinary ways carry out this mission?

A Joyful Discernment Visit !

A Joyful Discernment Visit !

We, too, can go before the Lord in prayer as a canvas asking Him to imprint in our hearts and souls His loving virtues with which we can touch the hearts and lives of others. Prayer is lifting up our minds and hearts to God …… living the fruit of prayer is lifting up our minds and hearts to others.

Let us imitate Saint Margaret Mary in her great love for cherished moments in prayer; let us also strive to make known to those with whom we are in contact the incomparable love of Jesus for each one of us and to imitate that love as we daily strive to LIVE  JESUS!

“This Sacred Heart will shower abundantly the treasures of His sanctifying grace on those who accept Him and place themselves under His protection.” Saint Margaret Mary

                GOD BE PRAISED !

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4 Responses to Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

  1. Kathleen papariello says:

    Thank you for giving me the information about saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart. Everything I knew about the Visitation monastery fell into place. I see how all the pieces fit together.

  2. Brenda D'Astous says:

    I am grateful to have learned about St. Mary Margaret Alacoque and plan to share her story with my son, Joseph, whose birthday falls on her feast day. My prayer for Joseph is that he will love God with his entire being and be an instrument of Our Divine Savior’s Love, so that all whom he encounters may come to know the love of Christ more fully through the love that he has for Jesus which radiates out from him.

  3. Gloria Bravo says:

    My wish for the sisters.Many blessings on this special day and that the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be known, adored and praised always.

  4. RoseMarie Buffoni says:

    God has certainly blessed the people in our area. We have a Visitation Monastery nearby. All the Sisters are just wonderful, and always a help to all who seek help.
    The Sisters are friendly and always available to talk to, if there is a need.
    Attending Mass at their Monastery gives such a feeling of holiness; they sing so well at the Mass. God Bless them.

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