Change of Seasons

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As we enter into another change of season, perhaps, we can spend some time to reflect on these words of Saint Francis de Sales : “Do not worry about tomorow. The same everlasting Father who loves and cares for you today , will take care of you tomorrow and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering or give you unfailing strength to bear it.” All of us have had or will have an experience in our lives when these words will take on a very deep meaning for us. I have recently read a reflection written by Father Richard DeLillio OSFS about an actress who was one day praying in a church as she was dreading a medical report from her doctor. On her way out her eyes fell upon these words for the first time that were inscribed over a door. She put her faith in them and was brought to full recovery as she was given “the unfailing strength our everlasting Father has promised us.”
Over the past months, I, also, have had to face a medical concern. ( The reason why I have not been very faithful in posting journals !) These words of Saint Francis de Sales have become very real to me. Through trustful surrender, the prayerful and loving support of each of you, I have been graced to experience the truth of these words in a very meaningful way: that our heavenly Father does give us an “unfailing strength ” to endure what of ourselves we know we could never have endured.
The Glory of God !

The Glory of God !

Another reflection that has crossed my path is on the “power of the faith of our loved ones” ….. it was the faith of the friends of the paralytic man who lowered him from the hole in the roof to the feet of Jesus that obtained his cure. In trusting in God’s providence over us, in trusting in the prayerful support of our family and friends, grace will overflow into our lives and into our hearts when we most need it and together we will give “glory to the power of prayer”, trust and surrender .
“Do what you can, God will do the rest.” Saint Francis de Sales

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8 Responses to Change of Seasons

  1. Marianna Burns says:

    Beautiful posting!

    We give thanks to the Power Of Prayer And our prayers for you have never ceased!

  2. Sr. Suzanne Homeyer says:

    dear sister,
    I am so glad you are doing better. we continue to hold you in prayer here in Minneapolis. I hope to be able to see you when I am in Georgetown for the federation meeting in October. blessings, sr. suzanne

  3. Paul H. Colloton, OSFS says:

    I am glad to hear that you are better. I continue to hold you in prayer each day. Please greet our Sisters for me. In Francis and Jane, Fr. Paul

  4. Sister Karen says:

    Dear Marie de Chantal, Tomorrow is the memorial of Our Lady of Mercy…. I am thanking her for her companionship with you throughout these days of your healing.
    Your blog entry is a testimony to your trust and Christ’s presence as Healer for you. love and peace…

  5. Dear Sister Marie De Chantal,
    Thank you for the beautiful Autumn scene it is something we don’t see here in sunny
    Florida! So glad that you are healed and ask Our Blessed Mother on this Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, to continue to deliver you from all cancer and fill you with new energy
    love, joy and strength in your vocation!Love, prayers, and all best wishes dear Sister!
    Sister Mary Dolores

  6. Marie de Chantal, your reflection is so very beautiful , filled with many aspects and thoughts from SFdS. I like the inclusion too of how friends of a person who needs healing play an important role. We are with you in prayer and continued hope!

  7. COUSIN JERRY says:

    Hi Marie,
    It’s so beautiful that we can experience God’s love and strength when we are down and no mater what, He’s always there to pick us up and carry us the rest of the way … wherever that may lead … and the beauty part is we need not worry about where we are going because He is leading us not us leading Him !!!!

  8. Camille Lipari says:

    Thank you for this posting. In thanks-giving for your healing, Fall is the new & perfect season to enjoy!

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